kosmoThe program of professional prosperity and creativity
Cosmic energy usage in this area results in a rapid advancement, professional development, earnings increase. A person begins to be satisfied at what he does. Above-average increases creativity. The whole surrounding is surprised by the rough incredible ideas that appear in a person. In the case of creativity, works of people treated with kosmoenergy, make a big impression on the audience,  very positive affection. People are discovering hidden talents in art, music, sports, expression, dancing, singing, handicrafts, drawing, writing, and many others. The person participating in this program attracts competent, good people to help her in achieving their way of life and achieve goals. At the same time he or she is able to rest, he is relaxed, healthy, fulfilled. You can see on her life that she discovered her destiny.
The program for families and relationships
This program is designed to the normalization of relations within the family or partnership. Under the influence of cosmic energies, spouses discover again, soften conflicts and after some time completely disappear. Their mutual relations are dominated by love and understanding. Pettiness, jealousy, envy, the memory of bad times strays into oblivion. The relationship is going through a second opening. Effect of cosmic energies causes rejuvenation, corrects figure out, the wrinkles disappear. If there are children in the family, then depending on their age, the normalization of relations between parents and children. Children quieten or become more active, depending on the needs. Teenage children calmly go through adolescence. Choose the right path in life. Children begin to get better grades in school. They become leaders in their group of friends
Financial stability
Usage of cosmic energy in order to clean and run chakras and remove the negatives of human life, results in financial stability. The person begins to be better paid, promoted, meet good people who help her reach goals, energy (money) circulate better around her. People with financial problems earn money to pay off debts, slowly emerging from financial troubles. The money comes from a good, honest sources, you always know where they come from. In the case of self-employment, goods and services are beginning to sell well, the owner has support in running a business, he performs much better than competitors, has better ideas. If somebody is the author, then he earns much more because he has better ideas, better selling, providing more money. Significantly creativity and quality of ideas of authors grow.
masaze2-300x300Cosmetic programs
In this group, we wanted to offer you programs, usage of cosmic energy for the purpose of improving the appearance and correction of various types of imperfections you are facing. In detail we offer:Slimming, adding weight – our experience shows that the cause of obesity is the most common program, which operates in the subconscious of the person or the wrong attitude (thinking) toward himself and the world around. The action of cosmic energies removes negative programs, moreover we try to lead to increased fat burning in cells.Hair: Baldness liquidation, meanders, hair in the wrong places, elimination of gray hair – only the people who have problems with hair or feathering know how big this problem is. Cosmic energies are able to change these things very radically, of course, treatment must be conducted in a uniform manner.Excessive sweating – the use of cosmic energies will remove excessive sweating, it introduces the hormonal balance. Unpleasant odor – use of cosmic energy eliminates bad breath, sweat or body odor. Vision – kosmoenergy channels correct eyes, sometimes after just a few treatments.Skin – the use of specialized channels of kosmoenergy to suppress psoriasis, acne, skin smoothness after smallpox, removing pimples, skin parasites, dandruff, allergies and other ailments.
dzieciProgram for children
Cosmic energies can be used on women during pregnancy with the intention for the child. Then, having been born child is deprived of genetic defects, programs from previous incarnations, is quiet, it thrives. Childbirth course mildly, the child is born healthy without damage. Mother and child quickly leave the hospital. Infants and tiny children exposed to cosmic energies are quiet, have good health, well and quickly develop. Well asleep, fast put on weight. They are happy. Younger children are developing fast, they have extraordinary intelligence, they are calm and balanced, they have good relationships with parents and peers. Younger teens have good grades in school, they choose their own path well, make good decisions, have good contact with colleagues, are leaders in a group of their peers, have good health and resistance to disease, they are balanced as well. Teens are healthy, have disease resistance, are quiet, have a good choice of their own path in life, good grades in school, increased intelligence, have good contact with their parents, have the wisdom, cosmic energies can remove acne. Teenagers are polite, they look nice.
leczniczeTreatment programs
Oncology – kosmoenergy deals effectively with, any type of cancer, it is necessary to report as soon as possible to the therapist and use as strong channels (Magister or block of Hutta) as possible. Children paralysis – paralysis and infantile paralysis are reversible for kosmoenergy. Working with the family and the child takes several years, but the child can be derived a normal person, nothing which is different to a healthy child. What is important is to start work as soon as possible. Diabetes – kosmoenergy treatment is effective, lasts from several months to two years. Disability (cervical cord injury, multiple sclerosis, etc.) – the strongest channels cope with it, it is important to start as soon as possible after the injury, treatment usually lasts a few years it is followed by the creation of “the bypass” connecting broken spinal cord. In the case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease moves back and the patient recovers fully functional.