Questions & Answers

What is cosmoenergy?
Cosmoenergy is a science allowing you to use the cosmic energies in purpose of healing, improving the fate and help those in need. Cosmoenergy therapist opens the channels of cosmic energy on the patient, his biofield, chakras or organs. After a certain time, the chakras are cleared and opened, which results in the healing of a person and improvement of fate.

What are dedications in the channels of cosmic energy?
This is to give possibilities for therapist, master or magister of cosmoenergy the ability to open channels of cosmic energy on himself or others, for healing or improve the situation.

What are the channels of cosmic energy?
These are streams of energy flowing from above, after opening them by a therapist, for himself or a patient. They are seen by clairvoyant, you can feel it through the heat from above, tingling in the chakras, etc.

What is the aura?
The most material part of the biofield, visible by clairvoyant, or through aura camera. Aura has seven layers. Each layer is associated with a particular chakra.

What is the biofield?
Delicate electromagnetic field surrounding the human, produced by working chakras. In cosmoenergy vibrations of the biofield are measured, they are one of the factors of diagnostics saying a lot about a man.

What are chakras?
These are vortex structures in the biofield, their work supply specific organs and organ systems of the human with energy. The seven major chakras are localized on the line of the spine, and there are a total of 360 of them. Chakras are the energy points related to the functioning of the etheric and physical body. They vary in size and activity. Cosmoenergy therapists after initiations have their chakras opened outside the body.

What is egregore?
Energy cloud of human or non-human, created for a specific purpose. Egregore is created by the thoughts and desires of the people. It can arise spontaneously, eg .: at a football match or theater or for a specific purpose, eg. in the church to allow recovery or to achieve a specific purpose.

What diseases does cosmoenergy heal?
Practically all. The function of healing is just severity of the disease, the time, the patient’s age, his ability to change his life.

Can you mix the use of cosmoenergy with the medical treatment?
Yes, absolutely.

Who is cosmoenergy therapist?
This is a person with initiations in the channels of cosmic energy. Cosmoenergy therapists may have the following degrees: therapist, master, magister. Magisters may have dedication in additional frequencies, such as: egregore of Zoroastrianism, fire flower, lightning block, block of Hutta, Mayan block, Frequency of Mage Block, Sacred Cosmoenergy Block, Ruskie Wiedy Block and others. A separate dedication is held by Magisters Progresors able to provide initiations to others.

Can I become cosmoenergy therapist?
Yes. Practically every person can become a therapist of cosmoenergy. You do not need special talents or natural abilities.

How long do you have to learn to become a cosmoenergy therapist?
It depends on the involvement of the student. At School of Classical Cosmoenergy Jedine in Lodz initiations in the therapist of cosmoenergy are obtained after purification and a short preparatory course, it takes about 6 weeks. Detailed knowledge, skills and competence are included on the school’s website in the section Cosmoenergy Technology. Almost immediately after that, you can start master training, which lasts a minimum of 6 months. A detailed outline is available only for therapists. Learning for the Master may also take more time eg. one, two, three years. It depends on the willingness of therapist. After the master initiations, a minimum of one year must take the learning for the Magister of Cosmoenergy. Magister must already work with people and meet all requirements of the school.

Can you learn cosmoenergy and receive initiations by distance learning?

Is it possible to open channels without initiation?
No. When opening channels without initiation there is a risk that it will not function effectively.

Can somebody take the opportunity to open channels already received?
No man can take away the ability to open channels. However, due to the lack of work or the wrong way of living (in violation of the Ten Commandments) Divine Forces may not allow to open channels by a particular therapist.

Can cosmoenergy improve the fate?
Yes. Improving the fate lies in the fact that we meet better people, we are healthy, we have a better job, earn more.

Can cosmoenergy remove vampiric connections, curse, evil eye?
Yes it can. The energy channels burn out the vampiric connections or strange programs in the biofield. The rest depends on the person. This is about changing behavior and way of thinking.

What is the difference between cosmoenergy and bioenergotherapy?
Bioenergotherapy is to stimulate the natural capacity inherent in man to transfer energy to another person or to use it for yourself. Cosmoenergy is the use of external energy for healing or improve the situation. Cosmoenergy is many times stronger than the bioenergotherapy and it is easier to learn. But here there is the need for initiation.

Why you should always get paid for the treatment?
Because it is a kind of energy exchange. According to the law of energy conservation, action – reaction, I give and I need to get something in return. If not,  the disadvantage may appear causing blows of fate or disease.

Can the payment be in a form other than money?
Yes, it can be, but please avoid it because it is difficult to measure barter services.

For how long do the treatments last?
It depends on the patient. A healthy, young person can maintain elevated vibrations of the biofield even 2-3 years. An older and ailing person, would require further assistance from the therapist. In the case of chronic diseases, interventions of cosmic energies are required up to 3-4 years. It is an individual matter, because every person is different in the area of physical and mental health.

How much does it cost?
Treatments from PLN 50 to 120
Initiation into a therapist – PLN 2000
Cleansing the rooms from PLN 50 for a room up to 20 m2.

How long do you have to take treatments?
It depends on the condition of the patient and the possibility of the therapist. Generally it is 10 treatments – purification and start chakras running. However, in the case of a young, healthy person it may be 4-5 treatments every week by block Hutta or Maya. In the case of chronic diseases and serious diseases in ailing or elderly person longer interference with cosmic channels is required, moreover you may need manual physiotherapy or psychotherapy.

When can I do treatments without getting paid?
You may not be paid for treatments for parents, spouse, partner (living together) or children.

When can I do treatments without the patient’s consent?
You cannot do treatments with cosmic energies without permission. There are a few exceptions, namely:

  • Juveniles up to 14years of age (the carer must agree)
  • mentally incompetent (elderly or mentally ill, including those who are possessed, also the carer must agree)

What is the vampiric connection?
Connection of vampiric energy is an external interference which takes an energy from the human biofield as a result of influencing it by means of words, behavior, emotions, egregore of the institution or by an organized attack of black magic.

Who can become a vampire, what is the energetic vampirism?
The energy vampire can be any person destructively acting on another person using speech, thoughts, behavior, or omission. The energy vampire can also be an egregore created within the organization, which forces people of the organization to compliance with certain rules, thereby sucking energy from them. Thus, the vampiric connection is observed on the line: husband – wife, wife – husband, parents – children, children – parents, boss – subordinate, subordinates – boss, grandmother – grandchild, grandchild – grandmother, friends – me, me – friends. On the effect of the vampire acting donor is deprived of energy, resulting in fatigue, headache in the long run, somatic illness or deterioration of fate.

How do you know that someone is an energy vampire?
When we meet a person that his actions: talk or non-verbal behavior makes us feel bad emotions and feelings, we feel exhausted after contact with him, our head hurts, we are excited, we feel “screwed” in a problem, it probably is an energy vampire. Vampiric interference can also be undertaken by a professional magician. Then the results are in the form of disease and trauma, and the detection of such interference is more difficult. It may be done by therapists of cosmoenergy.

Can cosmoenergy therapist become an energy vampire?
There are certain situations where cosmoenergy therapist forgets about the principles which should be followed, which means love for another human being and not wrongdoing. Then his influence from the inspiring to a person, turns into a vampiric. Cosmoenergy therapist usually pays a very high price for his behavior, through a radical deterioration of fate and health.

What is the necrotic connection?
Necrotic connection is an external interference of the spirit or being, who is in the close surrounding of a person and gets the energy from him. Such a connection arises from too frequent remembrance of the deceased or settle into the house where there was already such spirit.

What is a possession?
A possession is a temporary or permanent impact on thinking and action of the possessed person by immaterial force, causing her to wrongdoing, loss of control of thoughts and actions, the lack of an objective evaluation of her behavior, amnesia.

Are there age limits for becoming cosmoenergy therapist? Can an 18-years-old become cosmoenergy therapist?
In the School of Classical Cosmoenergy Jedine, age limit is 24 or having a master’s degree. During this period, the young man is enough stable in the field of psyche and is sufficiently balanced that he can learn how to help himself and others through cosmoenergy.

Who cannot become a cosmoenergy therapist?
There are no clear contraindications who cannot be a therapist of cosmoenergy. It is simple, someone who is not going to be the one, he will never reports to the cosmoenergy therapist. To cosmoenergy therapist report only those who deserve something in this or a previous life, or worked out something . Cosmoenergy is a touch of the grace of God. Frequently cosmoenergy therapists are former patients, who seeing the effectiveness of this method and that without the 6-year studies they can also heal, they begin to learn it.

Can other initiations for example Reiki, kriya yoga accelerate the development of cosmoenergy therapist?
Yes, they can do it. Moreover, such impact may also have meditation, spiritual healing, bioenergotherapy, prayers, compliance with the Ten Commandments. The development of cosmoenergy therapist may take place in the spiritual and the physical sphere. Generally, it should be noted that the younger and healthier a person taking initiations, the better and faster results are achieved. But he also has less motivaion. Cosmoenergy radical actions are unnecessary because after all he has everything.

What changes in your life introduces cosmoenergy?
In the short term, mental changes and attitude to yourself and the world. The elimination of pain, vampiric connections, necrotic and black magic. Healing from health problems. Improving the fate and finding a way of heart.

Where can I buy the book „Moja droga z kosmoenergetyką?”
Mainly at Allegro, for example:

Where is the best to buy a wand and a pendulum?
For example here:

How to take care of biofield hygiene? What kind of lifestyle should cosmoenergy therapist lead?
The basis is to live by the universal principles of love, that is for example. Ten Commandments. As you build yourself and assimilate these principles, it gets easier and easier and becomes an unconditional code of conduct, that we are not willing to sacrifice for anything.

What skills/qualifications should cosmoenergy therapist/master have?
Detailed guidelines are here: at the bottom of the website. Requirements for Master and Magister are given to those who are interested. These are the requirements of Classical Cosmoenergy School JEDINE.

How to work with a wand / pendulum? What are they for?
The wand and the pendulum in cosmoenergy are used for diagnostics. With their help we detect energetic connections, biofield impurity, badly working chakras. One of the most important indicators are the vibrations of biofield.

What is the scale of Bovis, and how to work with it?
It is the scale of the natural radiation of man, premises, facilities. In cosmoenergy we use a modified scale, which can be downloaded here: Using the vibration of the pendulum we ask about a particular person, having the answer we are able to determine at the outset who we are dealing with.

How to store the wand and the pendulum – can you use them together?
Store in a dry and dark place, away from children. Do not use wand and pendulum together.

What are the difficulties encountered by aspiring therapist?
The basic things which you have to deal with are as follows:

  • Overcoming the reluctance to learn and apply completely new knowledge,
  • Finding time for treatment and purification for yourself and your family,
  • Talking about cosmoenergy with family
  • Finding a place at your home for treatment.

How does the treatments of cosmoenergy look like?
The patient stands with his eyes closed for 20-25 minutes, and the therapist, touching the patient’s body with his hands, where there are chakras or health problems, activates energy channels. In case of problems with standing, you can sit.

When can you expect the first results?
It depends on the therapist and affliction. In the case of shock channels and the need for immediate assistance, pain or spasm pass after 1-2 minutes after the opening of the channel.

How long do the effects of cosmoenergy last?
It depends on the person, his age, disease and the environment in which he lives. A healthy, young person who had his chakras cleansed and activated, living according to the rules, will maintain increased vibrations of the biofield for 2-3 years. In the case of a person living in a difficult environment, surrounded by the energy vampires, the effects will disappear after six months.

How do I know that I am dealing with a qualified cosmotherapist?
Progresors in Poland are S.Sic and R.Pastusiak (2014). When someone is in doubt about a person, please call or email and ask about a particular therapist. Or ask the therapist to show his diploma and ask with whom he had initiations.

What should I expect from a therapist?
A professional approach, ie: 1. Diagnostics: biofield, connections, medical problems, 2. Therapeutic conversation 3. Performing the procedure.

Are there any tutorial videos?
The videos from the initial lectures by R. Pastusiak are on YouTube: