Cosmoenergy therapists are operators of cosmic energies from torsion fields. We are not doctors, we have no right to write out prescriptions or send someone on medical leave, our services are also not reimbursed, but the income earned is taxed of course. We perform treatments, after which people recover. The treatment is based on the interaction of cosmic energies to diseased organs or chakras in order to run them. We are only transmitters of energy, it is not our energy, but the energy of the cosmos.

The procedure itself takes 15 to 25 minutes. During this time the patient stands or if he feels faint sits on a chair. Treatments should be repeated. A full cycle of 10 treatments lasts approximately 45 days. At first the treatments are every 3-4 days and then once a week.

In the case of chronic diseases, the treatment cycle should be repeated, sometimes even several times. In the event of a serious health condition (immediately life-threatening), we work with the patients daily, even twice a day. Cosmoenergy therapist is also able to work with the etheric body of the patient and this technique is also used in cases where you have to do the treatment twice a day, or when the patient, because of distance or other reasons, cannot attend for treatment. In the case of overweight, treatments are held every day for six weeks.

Cosmoenergy treatments are holistic, so they work on the whole person. Man is an energoinformation being: spiritual, emotional and physical. Doctors affect only the physical body, some psychiatrists and psychologists have an impact on the emotional body, but rather by accident than intentionally. Cosmoenergy heals both the disease and its cause, therefore, affects the three human bodies simultaneously. The result of the impact of cosmic channels on humans is the general improvement of health, fate and disappearance of ailments. In such cases, doctors are in consternation, not knowing what had happened, according to them there was the self-healing or remission.

Cosmoenergy helps for example with:

  • Diseases of the internal organs: liver, gallstones, stomach, stomach ulcers, intestines, pancreas and the other digestive system, ulcers, eradication of helminths and fungal infections, cholera, dysentery, food poisoning, hernia,
  • Dermatological diseases: purulent inflammation, eczema, gangrene, allergies, scars, wounds, warts and hair removal, burns and radiation burns,
  • Respiratory diseases: lungs, lung problems, throat, colds, influenza, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, inflammation,
  • Gynecological and urological diseases: kidneys, kidney stones, children’s bed-wetting, bladder, underdevelopment of testes and ovaries, impotence for men and women, prostate, urinary incontinence,
  • Blood diseases: hepatitis, anemia, leukemia (blood cancer), diabetes, normalization of peripheral blood cell composition,
  • Childhood diseases, allergies,
  • Cardiovascular diseases: heart, arrhythmia, heart defects, blood clots, varicose veins, coronary artery disease, normalization of pressure,
  • Diseases of the immune system: cleansing and strengthening, AIDS,
  • Bone diseases: infant skull shape correction, fractures, joints, rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, back pain, intervertebral hernia, rheumatism, rheumatic conditions, frontal and paranasal sinuses, straightening abnormal bone adhesions, osteoporosis,
  • Diseases of the endocrine system: stabilization of hormonal level (rejuvenation), normalization of body weight, tumors and thyroid disease,
  • Eye diseases: glaucoma, cataract, vision improvement, eye conditions after surgery, pressure inside the eyeball.
  • Neurological diseases: stroke, cerebral palsy, migraine, coma, shock, fainting, meningitis, brain tissue regeneration, post stroke conditions, normalization of intracranial pressure, MS,
  • Mental illness: depression, stress, schizophrenia, epilepsy, ADHD,
  • Oncologic diseases: cancer and benign cancer, rectal cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, skin cancer, tumors, lipoma, breast cancer, cracked nipples, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer etc. (except a brain tumor at stage IV-metastases – where only pain can be relieved, however it cannot be clearly excluded)
  • Organ deterioration: eg. dry kidney,
  • Organs dropping,
  • Bacterial and viral infections and dermatitis,
  • Reduction of body temperature,
  • Insufficient secretion of milk,
  • Addictions: alcoholism, nicotine addiction, narcotic addiction.

Examples of problems that cosmoenergy coped with


  • Child – age of 9, boy, problem: inappropriate behavior, suspicion of ADHD – treatments lasted six weeks, during which the boy clearly calmed down, silenced.  His sleep improved. At that time, the parents noticed that the boy differently / better relate to the people around him. It should be said that cosmoenergy treatments were accompanied by working with the child, showing how to act. Treatments were also made to the mother.
  • Child – age of 6 months, girl, problem: milk protein allergy. Treatments made on the astral. Already after the first week the parents did not have to strictly follow the diet. After two months, the child could eat without any restrictions. Treatments were also made to the mother.
  • Child – age of 12, boy, problem:  improving results in school.  Treatments made within 3 months on the astral, during which the boy clearly improved the grades. Additionally, as part of discovering his passion, he became interested in sports (table tennis) in which he succeeds. Treatments were also made to the mother.
  • Child – age of 9 months, boy, problem: sleeps during the day, at night active. Such a problem in a case of small child is very disruptive for parents and beneficial for the babysitter, because nothing needs to be done with the child, and the parents (usually the mother) cannot Treatments during the month resulted in normalization the perception by a small child, night – sleeping, day activity. In addition, the child calmed down. Treatments were also made to the mother.
  • Child – age of 5, girl, problem: frequent strep throat and bronchitis. Treatments made to mother for about 6 weeks, then to the child about a month. The effect of the treatment was visible strengthening of the child’s immune system. In addition mother calmed down, the problems associated with the digestive system disappeared, within a few months there was normalization of weight. The mother began to achieve professional success.
  • Child – age of 3, girl, problem: the fears of places with strangers. The treatments were carried out during 6 weeks. After two weeks, the baby was opened and not afraid of new people and children. The child was seen quite differently in kindergarten. Previously mother had a series of treatments.



  • Family – problem: normalization of family relations. The applied procedure was based on the treatment of the wife and husband (6 weeks) and clearing the apartment. The effects could be observed already after one week, it was mainly a better expression of their emotions, slowing down the pace of life, spending more time together, rediscover each other, spending holiday together, the decision to have the baby. In the long run, new and better financial opportunities were opened up for the family, because the spouses were promoted in their organizations and received additional financial



  • Adult – age of 35, woman, problem: strengthening the opportunities of public speaking, career development. Due to her profession, she needed to efficiently and clearly communicate her opinions and views. Unfortunately, she has always had a fear of public speaking and being evaluated. In this case, the treatments lasted six weeks. The effect of this was, among other things, easier speaking in public, no fear of speaking, sustainability in expressing the views, accuracy of argumentation, ease in formulating sentences and written statements.
  • Adult – age of 45, woman, problem: removal of skin problems. In this case, a whole series of complications associated with skin appeared, such as: sweating, rash, allergies, poor hair condition, itchy skin, hyperpigmentation. In this case, the treatments lasted three months, the first effects could be observed after two weeks, it was less perspiration and a different skin smell. Final results were after three months, any adverse symptoms disappeared.
  • Adult – age 32, woman, problem: pregnancy. Treatment lasted for 2 months. Energy channels affecting the psyche were applied. Freeing from psychological problems, inhibitions, old thoughts, blaming yourself, after treatment, the woman quickly became pregnant.
  • Adult – age of 27, woman, problem: pregnancy. The main problem in this case was a fear and anxiety and depressive state. In this case, the treatment lasted for 1.5 months. Depressive state gave way as the first, after two weeks. In the next month using cosmic energy channels and therapeutic conversation, we removed fear and anxiety. Besides, I also treated the unborn baby, so that pregnancy itself was calm, the child developed healthily, without complications, and the mother was feeling well.
  • Adult – age of 29, problem: removal of depression after the delivery. Postpartum depression affecting the woman is related to the separation of mother and child biofield and other problems which must face the woman in this case. The treatment lasted 1.5 months, the first results came after a week, a person already at that time was different. Then after two or three weeks,  cheerful mood returned, the person could fully take care of the child, then already put down antidepressants (which according to me did not help). After two months, there were no signs of mental problems.
  • Adult – age of 62, woman, problem: diabetes. Elevated blood sugar levels, before treatment 150-200. Patient regulated blood sugar with diet. The treatment lasted six months, meeting every week. During the first two months blood sugar dropped to 120-130. After six months stabilized at about 100. The norm is 80-90. After treatment, the patient does not have to follow a diet.
  • Adult – age of 28, woman, problem: 30 kg overweight. In this case, the reason for being overweight was karmic load. The treatment lasted 1,5 years, the first two months every week and every two weeks later on. The rate of weight loss from 1-3 kg per month. At this time, apart from weight loss, family relationships improved and she achieved career success
  • Adult – age of 60, woman, problem: gout. Deposition of uric acid crystals in the joints causing joint pain and degeneration. The treatment lasted six months, meeting every week. Within the first month pain and swelling on the joints gave way. During the following months there was normalization of liver function and blood composition.
  • Adult – age of 35, woman, problem: insomnia, nightmares. In the case of such a problem, remember that insomnia is always a secondary effect. It is caused by medication, physical or mental illnesses, karmic load. In most cases of insomnia disappears quickly (2-3 weeks), but sometimes (very rarely), there are situations when it is difficult to deal with it, especially when we are dealing with old problems that torment people for years. In this case, insomnia subsided after 3 weeks of treatment, meeting twice a week.